The Blind (Shoot House)

The Blind Features:

Octagon Design
360° site and shooting radius - 8 windows
Flip out and slide up windows
Trap door entry, no vertical door, no drafts
Wall to wall carpet
Seats eight
Sleeps up to four adults (Three comforably)
Cook Stove
Storage Loft
Additional external shelf storage underneath (not pictured)

Hot Chocolate
Venison and Turkey as available!

Enjoy the Silence
Board Games


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The blind was built using salvaged materials, expect for roofing paper, shingles, screws, adhesive and a few odds and ends.

We built the Blind in our driveway modularly so we could disassemble it and haul it to the site where it would be erected.

We loaded the modular pieces on a trailer and hauled it 120 miles to the site where we spent 14 hours assembling the blind on 15' post we had pre installed in advance.

Once you enter the blind through the trap door, inside the Blind, we have a propane heater, cook stove, hunting documentation and information, range card, seating for eight (one at each window if necessary). We have spent several hours hunting out of the blind in inclement weather, snow, sleet, rain, extreme cold...all in 80° heat, enjoying coffee, hot chocolate, soup, playing checkers, cards, telling hunting tales and snoozing on occasion.'s rough!

The blind will accommodate two or three hunters sleeping on cots or three on the floor in sleeping bags. We have spent the night in the blind on occasion, wake up in 80° heat, quietly slide open a window or two and take a look into the fields at day break. See the Hunting Stories below.

We have had plenty of success despite popular opinion that deer "...are only in the trees, not in the open." Freeze and get soaking wet in the trees if you like, but, there have been deer taken from this blind every season since it was erected...and many a "tree hunter" showing up around 8 AM to "warm up" and have a cup of coffee or Hot Chocolate.

We are privileged to hunt at our favorite place. To give you a feel for the hunts we have enjoyed, check out The Tail of the Deer.

Click here to read our log and stories from the place